Service Activities


LOG!ST!NDO provides reliable inventory management solutions thru …

  • regular cycle counts and best in class processes for formal inventory counting and reconciliation
  • a proven track record providing the utmost in inventory accuracy
  • a skilled Inventory Control Team

LOG!ST!NDO’s best-in-class approach to inventory management ensures …

  • a quantifiable inventory accuracy of 99.9%
  • flawless management of inventory is top priority



LOG!ST!NDO can produce significant savings on freight costs and help mitigate warehousing costs thru cross-docking services …

  • an effective solution leveraged to improve transportation service to customers and reduce handling and storage costs
  • allows clients to route product from one or multiple manufacturing site(s) to a Distribution Center (DC) strategically located near to the designated customer population
  • product is shipped in bulk from manufacturing plants to DC where it is deconsolidated into multiple shipments and delivered directly to customers



LOG!ST!NDO goals are the right order, on time, real time, with every time, every delivery, and every customers …

  • order Accuracy is a given Clients expectation in Order Fulfillment
  • employing a keen focus on Customers’ packaging, labeling and delivery requirements to allow Clients to focus on sales and the generation of new orders
  • process involves Systemic communication between teams
  • strategically planned each day with respect to the Customer’s requested delivery date and time



LOG!ST!NDO offers a variety of value-added services to …

  • enable companies to lower inventory footprints of finished goods by delaying the labeling and final assembly of products until customer orders are received
  • a cost effective supply chain strategy that gives companies more flexibility over their inventory

LOG!ST!NDO value added logistics services include: Pick/Pack Services, Kitting & Final Assembly, Polybagging & Shrink Wrapping, and Labelling, etc.



LOG!ST!NDO operates Logistics Execution IT System (LES) that is designed …

  • to operate as one cohesive data tracking system, fully integrated
  • to effectively manage inventory, from product receipt to the final delivery at the end user’s receiving dock
  • to interface real time with our financial software.

LOG!ST!NDO provides various LES …

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS), to control the movement and storage of materials in a warehouse and process the associated transactions, incl. shipping, receiving, putaway and picking
  • Transportation Management System (TMS), to process: (1) Planning and decision making, (2) Transportation Execution, (3) Transport follow-up, and (4) Measurement or KPI reporting
  • On-Line Inventory and Shipment Tracking, to allow Customers to view delivery status and inventory levels online
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Scanning, to retrieve data quickly and provide Clients with accurate and timely feedback in regards to their specific products inventory and movements

This LES is for improving supply chain controls and providing real-time visibility of inventory


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